In our eBook “Developing Dynamic Online Surveys” we show you how to use QuestionPro to create user-friendly, dynamic, intelligent and “easy to use” questionnaires for your online surveys. Download the free eBook on dynamic development of online surveys with QuestionPro now.

Develop dynamic online surveys with QuestionPro

The better an online questionnaire is designed and the more intelligently and dynamically an online survey is developed, the higher the data response rate. Make it as easy as possible for your survey participants to take part in an online survey by using a sophisticated logic in the development of online questionnaires. As a web-based application for conducting and evaluating online surveys, QuestionPro provides you with valuable tools that allow you to develop intelligent online questionnaires. Use FONCTIONALITÉSs such as branching logic, interactive page changes, quota control, participant dependent fade in and fade out of questions and answers, randomization and much more.


  • Skip Logics
  • Simple branching
  • piping & looping
  • Multiple branches
  • Delayed branching
  • Show/hide questions
  • Show/hide answers
  • Odds
  • Quotas
  • Randomization

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